Broadcast+ Development Kit

Broadcast technology vendors today face a daunting dilemma: how to efficiently handle the trend towards 4K, 8K resolution and higher channel density, while still responding to price pressures from customers and competitors? Broadcast + development Kit enables to solve engineer’s pain such a this problem, provides scalable platform for bridging between multiple interfaces to accommodate the high performance bandwidth and low-power serial connectivity requirements of IT equipment.
For extensive option, it enables to verify SDI evaluation up to 16 channels by using Altima's original “3G/HD/SD 8ch SDI evaluation daughter board”.

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Board picture



 Flexible IO support

 SD/HD/3G triple rate capability

 Rich external memory resource

Board features

Configuration type  JTAG
 FPP configuration via MAX®V and Flash memory
Expansion Connector  1 x HSMC Connector ( 8 x Transceiver),
 1 x HSMC Connector ( 4 x Transceiver)
Other Interface  JTAG、10/100/1000 Ethernet、SATA x 4、S/PDIF、RS-232、DIP-SW, Push-SW, LCD
Memory Interface  DDR3-1333 64bit x 2, Flash